Charter Recovery Housing: Transforming Lives

Supporting Lives is an organization dedicated to aiding homeless individuals facing complex challenges, including substance abuse and various issues. Operating primarily in the North East of England, they provide housing and essential life skills to support these individuals in regaining independence. Their vision, known as Emerging Future, seeks to guide individuals from the initial stages of homelessness to recovery, focusing on education, employment, and societal reintegration.

01 Problem

Supporting Lives recognized the need to establish a separate entity, Charter Recovery Housing, to better serve their mission. They required a brand and website that reflected their commitment to change, offering a modern and professional image while ensuring easy navigation for their target audience.

02 Approach

To address these challenges, the organization opted for a modern and bright branding approach, aligning with the name "Charter" to convey a sense of promise and commitment. They emphasized the importance of clarity, ensuring visitors could quickly access the information they needed. Charter Recovery Housing aimed to engage local authorities, commissioners, and health and social care professionals who play a crucial role in referrals.

03 Solution

The Charter Recovery Housing website was designed with a clean and professional aesthetic, incorporating the Navy and Silver color palette to establish an air of trustworthiness and professionalism. The website features straightforward navigation, enabling users to find relevant information within just a few clicks. Stock images were utilized to convey professionalism while still emphasizing the human aspect of their mission. The CRH logo, featuring "CRH" within a circle, enhances the brand's recognition.

Figma Design Mockup:

Designing the Future: Explore Charter Recovery Housing's meticulous design process on Figma, where every detail was carefully crafted to embody modernity and professionalism. See how the chosen color scheme, imagery, and user interface elements seamlessly blend to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that reflects their unwavering commitment to transforming lives.

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